Coacher Company :: C7000 Hybrid
C-700 Baseball/Softball Framed Magnetic Board
A new magnetic aid for superior coaching! No more batting out of order! Try different line-ups in seconds. 30 strong C-channel magnets and card holders are provided. Using a marker, typewriter, or 3/8 inch label maker, place each players name on two tabs -- one for batting order and a second for fielding position.  Use these different colored player tabs to make changes instantly and graphically.  One side of board is a field and batting order chart, the other side is a full field with enlarged batting box, and extra space for notes and diagramming.
  • Write-on surface for strategic diagramming
  • Fold-up clip for hanging board on fence
  • Magnetic surface for changeable player tabs
  • Summary tabulation section for hits, runs, errors, balls, strikes, and outs.
  • Dry erase marker included
  • 30 changeable magnetic tabs are completely reusable from game-to-game and year-to-year.
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Coacher Company :: C7000 Hybrid
C-7000 Hybrid Baseball/Softball Magnetic Board
Our C-7000 Baseball Softball Hybrid Board is 9 inch x 14 inch and comes with 30 magnetic C-channel tabs, a dry erase pen and a two color card stock. We've completely redesigned this board to provide you with greater usability and durability! After compiling all of your suggestions, comments, and ideas, we feel that we have created a better product that will provide the coach with longer use! No more plastic frame or hanging clip! This new board is designed to look like a framed board but is not! The board is grommetted and comes with a caribiner for easy attaching and detaching from the fence. No more falling to the ground when the fence gets hit or a player brushes up against it! The laminate surface has been replaced with a clear 8 gauge plastic for easier cleaning and longer durability! We have also added a marker loop to the bottom center of the board for easy access and storage!
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C-750 Baseball/Softball
C-750 Baseball / Softball Magnetic Portfolio
No more Batting out of Order! the COACHER ™ is completely reusable - from Game to Game, Team to Team, and Year to Year. The Coacher Company™ allows you to plan ahead and try different lineups in seconds using magnetic name tags. Keep track of vital statistics and notes, teach and diagram plays on the spot, see current situations immediately, and inform the team of changes without talk. Front Panel Batting Order/Line-up Fielding Positions Coaches at 1st and 3rd Balls/Strikes/Outs Person at Bat Next Player in Reserves Not Playing Scoreboard Magnetic and Erasable Inside Panel 1 Erasable Strategy Diagramming Playing Field, Coaches Boxes, Enlarged Batter Box Space for Notes or Special plays Inside Panel 2 Complete Score pad Line-up Pad/Copies Note Pad Player Statistics (Dry-Erase) Confidential Note Area (Dry-Erase) Built in holder for Erasable Marker Back Panel Extra Diagramming Space Enlarged Bases, Home Plate, Base Paths Make Your Own Erasable Diagramming Area Storage Pocket for Papers and Notes
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