For over 25 years,

we at The COACHERâ„¢ Company have worked hard to provide the highest quality coaching products on the market.

All of our Coaching boards are manufactured here in the United States.

We have been asked to look into out-sourcing for the obvious reasons, but we at The COACHERâ„¢ company believe that in order to keep providing quality & reliable products to the coaches of the various sports, we must keep a personal & guarded eye on the building process of our products.

We pride ourselves in a quick response to you, our customer on any concerns of our products .

If the defect is in fact our fault, the product WILL be replaced at NO CHARGE to you the customer.

This is a guarantee that we feel is vital for any business that wishes to continue long term and repeated business with the public.


Be aware of cheap imitations.

If it doesn’t say The COACHERâ„¢ , it is not our product.

Our online ordering has never been SAFER or EASIER for you the customer.