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Never Miss a Play The CoacherMagnetic Coaching Boards Keep You Focused on the Game

The best magnetic coaching tool available with everything needed to manage your team! Designed to keep up with fast-paced sports and changing lineups, our dry-erase wipeable coaching boards are completely reusable. With durable magnets, a dry-erase pen and included carabiner for easy hanging, our magnetic coaching boards come with everything needed to step up your game and never miss a play.

*magnets included for applicable sports. Boards may also be purchased without magnets.

  • Rugged Construction

    High Quality American Made

  • Superior Coaching Tool

    Available For Multiple Sports

  • Easy to Use

    Write-on & Magnetic Surface

  • Quick Changes

    Lineup Changes On The Fly


The Coacher™ Promise

The Coacher™ Company believes in honesty and integrity.  In order to uphold these values,  we are committed to maintaining high standards for the building process of our coaching boards.  We promise to provide a replacement if any defects occur during production.  This is a guarantee we feel is vital for any business wishing to continue long-term and repeat business.  Please contact The Coacher™ Company with any questions or concerns.  We pride ourselves on providing quick responses and excellent customer service.


Since 1985

If it doesn't say The Coacher™ it's not our product. We are proud to say that our magnetic coaching boards have been made in the USA for over two decades. We use only high quality materials that stand up to dirt, sand, stress and travel, season after season. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, keep The Coacher™ in the game.


With The Coacher It's Like Having Another Coach on the Team!

Brad Marshall,
Brad Marshall, Head Baseball Coach Lincoln High School

"We've been using The Coacher™ boards for many years. They're very durable unlike most of the ones we've tried. It's easy to arrange line ups with the magnets and there's plenty of space on the back to take game notes. I'd definitely recommend this product"

Barry Weathers,
Barry Weathers, Assistant Basketball Coach Bellevue Community College

"I highly recommend The Coacher™ basketball board. Very rarely do you run into a product that is easy to use and takes little instruction. The board is fantastic and the ceramic magnets that are included are easy to quickly move around the board during a quick time out. You can tell it's build to last".

Sharon Carpenter,
Sharon Carpenter, Bowling Instructor Richmond Virginia

"The Coacher™ Bowling board allows me to easily teach my students the tricks of the trade. You can tell it's a quality product. I also like the fact that it's Made in the USA, unlike most that I've seen."

Eric Wright,
Eric Wright, Head Coach, Colorado Springs, CO

"Field Hockey is a fast-paced sport, which requires on the field coaching products that are easy to use. The Coacher™ board has made it much easier to quickly strategize the next play with ample room on front and back for our game play layout."

Brian Wilcox,
Brian Wilcox, Head Football Coach, Raleigh NC

"We've been using The Coacher™ boards since the 90's. I'm happy the company continues to produce their product in the USA. They've upgraded their football boards to include ceramic magnets, which I've not seen in any other boards. Other boards I've seen have flimsy, plastic magnets."

Rob Myer Head Hockey Coach
Rob Myer Head Hockey Coach Barbe High School Milwaukee, WI

"I've been the Head Hockey Coach at Barbe HS in Milwaukee, WI for 12 years. My coaching staff was introduced to The Coacher™ Ice Hockey board by a coach from a visiting team. We were talking about drills to teach kids and he said, 'I have the perfect thing for you.' I'd recommend The Coacher™ board to everyone!"

Dan Preston,
Dan Preston, Los Angeles, CA

"Rugby is a tough, "take no prisoners" sport. You need coaching tools that are just as tough. That's one of the main reasons why we use The Coacher™ Rugby board. We've dropped and stepped on the board a few times during the game and it still holds up. I haven't found a better coaching board yet!"

Coach Sid Holland,
Coach Sid Holland, Instructor Pro Soccer Academy (Houston, TX)

"I teach soccer from beginners all the way to professional athletes. You can use The Coacher™ Soccer board with all ages and skill levels. It's pretty much a universal board, which is the biggest reason we like and use it in all of our classes. Thanks for making a quality product!"

Coach Tiffany Saunders,
Coach Tiffany Saunders, Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I've been coaching swimming for over 10 years and don't come across coaching tools often that impress me. The Coacher™ Swimming board is very nice and is durable. It includes the magnets we need to compare and improve swimming times and can be easily hung with the included carabiner so it stays off the floor and out of the pool."

Mary Kolaitis,
Mary Kolaitis, University of South Alabama

"I strongly recommend The Coacher™ Tennis coaching board. I found that, while using The Coacher™ Tennis board, my lessons are more clear and my students are better able to see and understand what I'm trying to teach them. It allows them to get a better visual of what I'm trying to explain. It's a very helpful tool."

Jodi Morales,
Jodi Morales, Head Coach Pittsburgh, PA

"Our team has been using The Coacher™ Volleyball coaching board all summer with all age groups. We're very pleased at how easy it is to use. The ceramic magnets that represent the players are easy to move quickly so we can show different offensive and defensive formations. The board has been a big part of our training process. We love it!"